From Farm Gate, To Your Plate

A few things we sell

Restaurant Quality Hand-Cut Steaks

We only stock Prime Scotch Beef for quality. They have the best flavour, and cannot be beaten!

The Best Home-Made Sausages and Burgers

We make our own fresh sausages by hand, using only the finest ingredients. We have several flavours, Just Pork, Traditional Family Recipe “Jack Bull”, Sweet Chilli, Pork + Black Pudding, Cumberland, Welsh Dragon, Pork + Apple, Lincolnshire, Apocalypse Now!!

We also make Gluten Free sausages, Lamb + Mint sausages,
and Turkey sausages. 

We pride ourselves on having the tastiest, juciest, most flavourful burgers, and we make them all fresh, and by hand, using only the best cuts of beef.

A Wide Selection of Cuts

We stock all the main cuts of meat, and can usually order any others in if you require them. We can supply anything, from a single steak, up to an entire pig for a Hog Roast!

Pies, Cheese, Eggs

We have a selection of pies, from Pork Pies, through to Steak + Kidney and Minced Beef pies for a meal for the family. We also have Barbers Vintage Reserve Cheddar, and Black Bomber Mature cheeses, and fresh locally sourced Free Range Eggs.

Bundle Deals

We have several bundles, which enable you to fill your freezer with everything you need.


6 x Pork Loin Steaks
4 x Lamb Steaks
1 lb Lean Steak Mince
1 lb Back Bacon
6 x 4 oz Beef Burgers
1 x Pack Home-Made Sausages

All For Only



4 x Gammon Steaks
4 x Chicken Breast Fillets
4 x Lamb Steaks
6 x Pork Loin Steaks

Plus Any Tray of
Rump or
Sirloin Steaks

All For Only



Large Norfolk Chicken
Gammon Joint
6 x Pork Loin Steaks
6 x Lamb Chump Chops
12 x Home-Made Sausages
4 x Chicken Breast Fillets
2 lb Lean Steak Mince
4 x Chicken Legs
2 lb Back Bacon
6 x 4 oz Beef Burgers

All For Only


Where to find us!

We have a refrigerated van which we take to local markets to sell our goods. You can find us at the following locations


Come find us in Leighton Buzzard, on the High Street. 8am to 3pm


Winslow is a lovely market. Pop down and find me in the market place. 8am to 3pm.


Outside the Agora Centre, opposite the New Queen Victoria Pub.
9am to 3pm


Alexander carries a slightly smaller selection of our pre-packed meats at his egg stall on Flitwick Market, which is behind the Village Hall.
9am to 2pm


Biggleswade Market is a great destination for a weekend trip out. You can find me in my van in the market place. 8am to 3pm.


Outside the garden centre, in the car park. 
10am to 2pm

Contact us

Send us a message! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you requre an urgent order, it is probably best to find us at one of the markets above. 

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