Welcome to Nanotick

Nanotick is an on-demand high resolution historical market data service. The Nanotick offerings provide extracted artefacts of market data feeds for specific use cases:

  • Nanotick | Raw for those who need network level wire-tap data for their own, or third party, solutions building order book images
  • Nanotick | Replay provides an exact simulation with full Order Book for integration and back-testing automated trading strategies integrated with the OnixS Market Data Handler implementations
  • Nanotick | BBO .csv artifacts for analysis of bid and offer quotes on specific instruments against time
  • Nanotick | Trades .csv artifacts for analysis of trades occurring on specific instruments at specific times

Subscribing to the Nanotick services eliminates the need to invest the time and money in implementing and maintaining internal market data storage infrastructure. Nanotick provides full resolution market data on an on-demand basis so that you can concentrate on what you do with the data.