• Simply Unix Identity

    Migrating inefficient, insecure legacy Unix accounts
    and root delegations to AD for management.

  • How do you Sudo?

    Sudo is great but easy to use badly!
    Download the Strategic whitepaper and find out
    if you are doing well.. or if you could use some help.

  • The Unix Identity Specialists

    Leveraging Active Directory to streamline Unix access, security and privilege management since 2006.

The premier partner for enterprises modernizing Unix identity management with AD Bridging technology from One Identity.

Can I talk straight?

Almost all of the businesses I work with wait FAR too long to have anyone check and update security of their Unix accounts. As a result, they waste time, money and resources on antiquated tools and techniques and all the while, the security of their business hangs in the balance.

Woefully inadequate, old fashioned IT processes still plague management of inactive user accounts One Identity global survey of 913 IT Pros

It's obvious the people working in the IT trenches know it's a problem, so why are businesses so slow to react? Requirements, time constrants, project funding? All just excuses, if you are spending budget dollars on security products elsewhere and accounts and privilege usage are not under control.

After about a decade of pre and post sales consulting as an employee of Quest Software, Safer Strategy was founded in Dallas, by Mike Carroll, CISSP. Our business is securing and simplifying identity management for Unix, Linux and MacOS servers and workstations for businesses of all sizes.

We help bring the ideas from whiteboards and boardrooms into datacenters and cloud providers.

With hundreds of engagements with some of the largest enterprises in the world, Safer Strategy consistantly provides customers the expertise required to get the highest value from the investment in One Identity, Unix/Linux/MacOS and Active Directory.

Project Management methods learned from Agile software development and DevOps provide automatic progress visibility, tracking and version control, state of the art tooling and common Unix shell scripts for modern automation. Utilizing these methods, project timeframe is shortened by over 77% with fewer errors than expected from manual human processes...

Safer Strategy LLC

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New Installs.

With consultants certified since 2006 by Quest One Identity for implementations. Safer Strategy certifications now span the entire suite of Unix/Linux products available from One Identity.



Our team of engineers and ecosystem of partners can take on jobs of any size and have multi-vendor and open source experience to deliver the most value from a partnership with Safer Strategy. Both on-the-job training and formal classroom training packages are available.



Understanding where you are today, is just as important as understand where you want to go.
Schedule a free remote assessment of Active Directory, Unix authentication, AD bridging and Sudo to find out how your company scores.



Support is more than just break-fix. Vendors are fantastic at break-fix support, but ask them how to reconfigure a system for a new requirement they will have you contact a certified consulting partner.
Safer Strategy is here to explain how to perform an operation, not just how to debug an existing one. We offer support plans, that cover architecture changes and new configurations.

Check out the PASU Suite in Action!

Watch a new AD Linux administrator get access to the root account commands on a group of servers. 3 Minute Video

  • Better Security
  • Easier Audits
  • Efficient Staff

Active Directory Bridge and Privilege Manager for Sudo at the speed of DevOps.


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