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Current Stream Information
Server Status: Server is currently up and public.
Stream Status: Stream is up at 128 kbps with 65 of 2000 listeners (65 unique)
Listener Peak: 1660
Average Listen Time: 39h 25m 13s
Stream Title: Adagio.FM - Timeless Classical Music from Medieval to Modern with Chat & Automated Requests
Content Type: audio/mpeg
Stream Genre: Classic Symphony Romantic
Stream URL: 9706256212
Stream AIM: confervaceous
Stream IRC: N/A
Current Song: Aaron Copland - Grohg, Hear Ye! Hear Ye!, Prelude (Cleveland Orchestra, London Sinfonietta, Oliver Knussen) - Grohg: Introduction, Cort├Ęge And Entrance Of Grohg (7:48)

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